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Wordpress tip: Be careful if you name a subcategory ‘rss’

Here’s a useful tip for you Wordpress users: If you want to name a subcategory on you blog “rss”, make sure you edit the category slug to be something other than “rss” (like “rss-cat”, whatever). If you don’t, Wordpress thinks users are trying to open the rss feed of the parent category. Oops.

Tutorial: Make a Cool Blended Signature

Forum users, need a cool signature? You’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will teach you how to make a signature by blending images together. Let the tutorial begin! Read the rest of this entry »

16 Great Photoshop Tutorial Sites

Whether you’re an experienced Photoshop user or a newbie, you’ll always find use in tutorial sites. So, below (in no particular order) are some sites where you can find Photoshop tutorials.

  1. Good-Tutorials
  2. Tutorialized
  3. Planet Photoshop
  4. Pixel2Life
  6. Dr. Photoshop
  7. Tutorial Outpost
  8. TalkMania
  9. iPhotoshop @
  10. SigTutorials
  11. Photoshop @
  12. SweDesignz
  14. PDF Photoshop Tutorials @
  15. EmpireDesign
  16. TotalTutorial

I imagine that’s enough to keep you busy for awhile. ;)

ZetaBoards Enters Beta

ZetaBoards, the eventual successor to Invisionfree, is now being beta tested. Invisionfree, in case you didn’t already know, is a service that provides you with a free ad-supported Invision-based board. As the old version of Invision they use is becoming sort of an antique, they are developing a new forum system that is up to today’s standards…or so they hope.

ZetaBoards will be much better than it’s predeccessor Invisionfree. ZetaBaords adds many features asked for over the years, improves anti-spam, and improves in many ways upon Invisionfree. ZetaBoards (ZB) looks and acts similarly to the old Invisionfree boards, though with many improvements.

A theme changer has been added, along with a more powerful skinning system. More BBCode functions are added, including a Flash tag (useful for posting YouTube videos). There’s a more dynamic feel, and the system seems like it may be more stable. Macros are added, so you can finally mass delete spam posts. There is an unbelievable amount of improvements. One major complaint: The post form doesn’t show buttons for a lot of useful BBCode tags (like the [URL] tag). Hopefully that will be changed by the time ZB lauches.

ZetaBoards is looking to be a pretty good board system, though personally I prefer to host my own boards using SMF.

IE8? Who cares?

I don’t care about IE (I’ve used Firefox since it came out). Anyway, Microsoft has been hinting about Internet Explorer 8. Nothing much, it’s just playing catch-up to the reliablility of Firefox, and the features of Firefox 3. What they conventiantly didn’t mention is the fact that IE8 will only be for Vista. With IE7, there are already some things that only work on the Vista platform. With Vista failing so far, Microsoft will most definitely prop it up by making you “upgrade” to use IE8. Who’s going to fall for that? Upgrade from IE7 to Firefox 3 and buy a Mac when you need a new computer. Problem solved.

POTC Online Beta: Stupid Bug!

Arrrg! I’ve reached the least fun part of beta testing–having your progress halted by a bug. After making a bit of progress in Pirates of the Caribbean Online, I hit a bug with the game. Mr. Gibbs is refusing to recognize me. After doing two quest-things for him, he’s just sitting there saying “What do you want?”. I’m probably going to have to start over again if I want to continue with the storyline.

I guess I’ll just do more freeform gameplay until the game is released, then start over. Even after hours of playing, I’ve barely dented the main storyline. Disney’s VR Studio sure knows how to make a game that lasts…

Great, now my younger brothers are going to continue with the game and do all the cool stuff before me.

Stop Bashing Firefox

Enough already! Firefox is way better than any of the competition. Yeah it takes a while to load, and it does have a few memory leaks. But compared to Internet Explorer….

Anyway, things improve with every update. The next major release of Firefox is due by the fourth quarter of the year, I believe. I imagine plenty of these problems will be fixed by then. The only problem I have is the slow loading time.

People complain that there are memory leaks that bring down their systems if they leave firefox open for a few days. A few days? Hello, just close it andreboot your computer once in awhile. You don’t need your machine up 24/7 unless your running a server on it — and should you really be running a browser on the same machine as a server? No. You shouldn’t be running anything on a server other than Apache, PHP, etc.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Beta

Yeah! I got in on the beta for the Pirates of the Caribbean Online game. It looks like it’s shaping up pretty good, though it shows the fact that it’s a beta very visibly. There’s a ton of bugs, glitches, and random crashes. It’s fun when it’s not crashing (or hanging, or lagging, or not letting you do stuff because of a random glitch).

The graphic quality is amazing, and the voice acting is great. The sound effects are spectacular. The game currently lags frequentlty, but I expect improvements soon. This is going to be one fun game (it will be released on May 25th, I believe).

In case you were wondering, I’m the guy behind the NPC holding the bag of money.

Microsoft Releases New Firefox WMP Plugin

About time! Finally you can play Windows Media files in Firefox! Microsoft just released a new Windows Media Player plugin that’s compatible with Firefox. You can get it here. Odd… what’s in it for Microsoft? Why are they doing something like this all of a sudden?

InstantStorm - Turn SWFs into Screensavers

Ever wanted to make your own screensaver? Now you can. Er… You can if you have Macromedia flash (currently like what $600 from Adobe?). Anyway, if you already have Macromedia Adobe Flash, then you can create screensavers for free. The program that allows you to do this is known as InstantStorm.

With InstantStorm, you just give it the location of a SWF file, set a few settings, and hit create. You’ll end up with an EXE that installs your screensaver on any Windows computer (I haven’t found a program that can do Mac ’savers yet).

You can customize the installer quite a bit. You can add a logo to the welcome screen, change any bit of text in any of the wizard steps, etc. You can also create an About box for the screensaver.

InstantStorm is a pretty cool program, though I wish you could make the background black instead of white (the background show around the edges of the SWF if it’s too small).

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