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Safari For Windows Hacked in 2 Hours

Can you believe it? Apple released a beta of Safari for Windows (I knew it! They’re porting iLife to Windows.). Guess what. Someone found a security exploit in only two hours. Can you believe that? Oh well, it’s a beta after all.

Apple Updates MacBook Pros

Apple has just updated their Macbook Pro line. The main updates are the Intel Santa Rosa chipset and LED-backlit displays (cool!). Take a look at MacRumors for more on it.

Along with these updates, they’ve increased RAM amounts, and some other things as well. Currently, the laptop I would buy (if I had enough money), would be the 15-inch MacBook Pro (with a 200GB hard drive update).

3 New Get A Mac Ads

Apple has three new Get A Mac ads available on their website. They have “Choose A Vista”, “Genius”, and “Party is Over”. The first two are particularly funny. “Choose a Vista” is hilarious, being (in my opinion) and accurate representation of all the stupid Vista editions that seem to be designed to trick you. Trick you how? Either you’ll buy their $700 “ultimate” and you’ll have payed for garbage you don’t need, or you could pay for the $200 “basic” and you’ll have wasted your money on something that’s worse than XP. Win-win (pun unintended) scenario. Either way you’re wasting your money.

Over 100 Million iPods Sold

Apple recently sold the 100 millionth iPod. Doesn’t that sound huge? Actually, I’m surprised the billionth hasn’t been sold yet. How old is the iPod now? Six years? I think that’s about right. Apple definitely has the best MP3 player on the market currently. I’ve tried a few MP3 players and all of them have had infuriating and unexplained problems.

I used to have a Philips Rush MP3 player. It had 128MB of internal storage and a card slot in which I’d put either a 128MB or a 256MB SD card. I’d swap cards depending what I wanted to listen to, and I kept my favorite music on the internal memory. There were plenty an abundance of bugs, though. For no reason at all, it would lock up when I was listening to music. I’d have to yank the battery out to reboot it. This especially bothered me with podcasts, where I’d have to find the song and attempt to fast-forward back to where I left off. The fast-forward system was terrible! You’d hold down a button (the same one used for moving to the next track). It wouldn’t go further than 20 minutes into the file, and if your finger slipped it would go back to the beginning. That’s just the beginning of the Rush’s problems (did I mention that there was no way to sort music? Everything had to be thrown into the root folder and youd have a hard time finding what you wanted).

Things got a bit better after last Thansksgiving, when I bought a Sandisk Sansa with 1GB or internal storage for the bargain price of $40. It’s usually around $70, so I jumped on that. I ordered online and picked it up at a store a Circuit City (or was it Best Buy? I think it was Circuit City) and hour away. The nearest store was sold out. The Sansa was lightyears ahead of the Rush. You’d place your music files on the player (optionally in folders — they didn’t alter playing order though). The Mp3s/WMAs had to be tagged so the player could work it’s magic, but this proved to be only a minor irritation. Once the music was on the player ( a simple matter of dragging and dropping), the player would show a menu letting you find music by Artist, Album, Genre, etc. You’d just drill down until you found what you wanted. The Sansa has given me very little problems so far. There’s only one major one: The tags on files can get corrupted sometimes, causing split-up albums, disappearing artists, “unknown” albums, and other odd things like that. Oh, and sometimes the backlight wont start up. Not bad for $40.

I’m hoping that the iPod Nano’s price will come down in the future. It’s a nice looking player and I haven’t heard about too many problems with it so far. If I were to upgrade from my Sandisk Sansa, I’d go for a Nano. The price is a little high in my opinion. Maybe it’ll come down when Apple announces their new Telepathic-Interface iPod. :)


iWoz is sort of an autobiography of Steve Wozniak, and his take on the history of Apple. Try it, you won’t believe what you read.

Wozniak not only built the Apple I and Apple II himself, but he pioneered numerous technologies that we now take for granted. Wozniak was the first person to build a computer with a keyboard and screen (the Apple I). He was the first to build a computer with color capabilities. He invented the universal remote. That’s not all, he came up with numerous other things, and improvements on other devices.

Seeing as the Apple I was the first computer to have a keyboard and screen and the Macintosh (which Woz didn’t seem to be involved with much) was the first consumer computer with a Graphical User Interface, I can safely say that Apple pioneered two of the most important computer improvements (The Keyboard/Screen, and the GUI. The third would be the Web, but they helped make that possible too with the Mac).

Try iWoz. Be amazed.


A couple years ago, a website known as showed up on the web. The owner makes Apple-themed Legos. Using plastic injection-molding equippment, he actually makes Legos. Well, not Legos. They’re called Podbrix to avoid being sued by Lego. Some of the sets available from are the Steve Jobs Keynote Set (with Steve Jobs Minifig), the Podbrix iPod, and the Podbrix Silhouette Guy. They’re cool, but they’re all limited edition. Only a few are ever made, then you’re out of luck. Sometimes they surface on eBay, but they’ll cost you an arm and a leg. I like the Steve Jobs Minifig and the silhouette guy. Aren’t the lego guys the coolest part of legos? Too bad about the quantities of the stuff, but they’re kind of cool.

Fun With Photoshop: Apple

You can have a lot of fun with Photoshop. You can make Darth Gates, give Jack Sparrow an iPod, etc. The possibilites are endless. It’s best to work at your idea until it looks realistic. Your image won’t be as funny if it’s easy to see that you pasted someone’s head over Emperor Palpatine.

There are a couple useful techniques you should know about as well. Take a look at the Bill Gates photo to the right. See the lightsaber he’s holding? I took a picture of Bill Gates and a photo of a lightsaber. Then I moved a copy of his hand onto a new layer, making sure it was in the same spot as the original. Then I pasted in the lightsaber, resized and rotated it, and moved it under the hand layer. It looks like he’s holding it. You can do this with any object (iPods, cell phones, coffee mugs, etc). For the lightsaber blade, I drew aline with - guess what - the Line tool. I made the line a very light red color (almost white). To add the blade glow, all I had to do was use the Outer Glow function in the Layer Styles window. Voila, instant Darth Gates. Make your own Apple-themed Photoshop pictures. Post ‘em in the comments if you want.

Apple Multi-Touch

Multi-Touch is Apple’s touchscreen technology used in the iPhone. Currently the most advanced touchscreen system, it ignores accidental presses, lets you drag and zoom with logical finger motions, guesses what you’re typing on the onscreen keyboard, and more.

A lot of people seem to think that Apple is planning to introduce a Multi-Touch Mac. Plenty of people think it will replace the iMac. I don’t think so. I think that they will introduce a new Mac model that will use MultiTouch — if they do a MultiTouch mac. I suppose it’s logical for them to do it.

What type of mac would their new model be though? What do you think? What type of computer would benefit the most from a touchscreen? Not an iMac (your shoulder would get sore from stabbing at the screen anyway). Not a MacBook (pro or not), but close. How about a tablet? The tablet computing model is perfect for the Multi-Touch system. With current tablets you have to attempt to do basic computing with a stylus pen. You click icons and scribble text on the display. With Multi-Touch you’d be able to scroll easier, and it’s got to be a lot easier to type by pushing an onscreen keyboard with your fingers than dealing with handwriting recognition that mangles your writngs (I have horrible handwriting, as do a lot of others). I think if Apple were to produce a Multi-Touch Mac it would be a tablet; a companion to the Macbook line.

Microsoft Windows Vs. The Apple Macintosh

NOTE: This is intended to be a humorous post targeted at people who are tired of Windows (and Mac owners). Do not take it seriously.

Windows: Boring. Microsoft sounds like a mattress company.

Mac: Cool, but ‘Apple Macintosh’ doesn’t really describe what the product is.

Winner: Mac.

-Coin Flip
Windows: Tails.
Mac: Heads.
Results: Tails, Heads. Heads.
Winner: Mac.

Windows: A cool flag made of multicolored squares. Unfortunately they recently added a dorky blue circle behind it.

Mac: A really cool metallic blue picture of an Apple.

Winner: Mac.

-Google Fights
My PC crashed:11,600,000 results
My Mac crashed: 6,280,000 results
Winner: Mac.

Windows: Windows is known for crashing a lot, having a monopoly on the computer world, and being best used in the corporate environment.

Mac: The Mac OS is older than Windows, is used by most graphic artists and other “creative professionals”, and is generally considered to be more stable.

Winner: Mac.

Windows: That really stupid “Wow” commercial.
Mac: Those funny I’m a Mac commercials.
Winner: Mac.

-Company’s other products
Windows: The XBox
Mac: The iPod.
Winner: Mac, but Windows is close (XBox sales are pretty high)

-Overall Winner
The Winner is the Apple Macintosh by a landslide.

iPhone minus the Phone!

I agree with this Digg page here. I wish there was an iPhone without the phone part. I totally don’t like phones. Not even traditional land-line ones. I prefer digital communication, be it email, IM, or videoconferencing. It would be really cool to have a pocket-sized device that has a persistent connection to the web. A full-scale web browser (a mini-Firefox would be better than Safari though), email, IM, etc all in your pocket. Not to mention the fact that the iPhone also has music and video playing capabilities… The iPhone is one amazing gadget, but why the ‘phone’ part? The iPhone’s other features can stand on their own. I’d prefer to have just EDGE, EVDO, or something similar than to have to pay for cellular service. Though what I’d really prefer is beyond the phone-less iPhone. I’d like a pocket sized device that runs a full-scale copy of the Mac OS. The iPhone is a collection of technologies that could one day make the use of a hand-held computer enjoyable rather than irritating. Someone at Apple needs to realize that this is a great opportunity. Remember the OQO? It’s never really caught on, but that’s the first step toward what I believe everyone will one day carry in their pockets.

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