I’ve Stopped Updating This Blog, But I May Start Another

I started this personal blog back in 2006, and I wrote on it up until July 2007. I used to write here nearly every day, but by the summer I didn’t have enough time. I started a new blog about web stuff over at Webmaster-Source.com, so I had less to write about here. Also, I was launching NTugo.com, which featured a collection of would-be multi-author blogs (except I still have a lack of authors). So I was short of time, and things to write about.

That said, I’ve been wishing I still had a personal blog lately. I’m probably going to start another one so I can rant occasionally, or talk about things that don’t fit the topics of my other sites. I’ll probably put it up at matt.ntugo.com. Of course, I’m leaving this blog’s archives here for anyone who wants to read them. (I can’t stand throwing away things I spent time writing.)

If you want to continue reading my posts, here’s where you can find my writings:

  • Webmaster-Source - For those who are bloggers or webmasters.
  • matt.ntugo.com - I’ll soon be putting-up a personal blog there.
  • NTugo Blogs - I also do some writing on these blogs. If you would like to as well, let me know.

I also use StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit if you like those sort of sites.

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