4 Cool Footers

The footer is generally the least noticed part of a website. This is unfortunate, since some sites have some really cool footers. Below are some that I think are worth notice.

The average viewer tends to not make it all the way down the page to the footer. This is why the part of the page “above the fold” is given a lot of attention by designers. However, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a cool footer as well. After all, some people will see it. I tend to read web pages through to the end, unless I have reason not to.

Ready of an inspiring look at some interesting page footers?


Digg has made use of their footer to provide navigation, in an interesting fashion. This is the only place you can find some of the links.


The website for the SMF forum system puts a login form at the bottom of the page.


CNet went a little overbaord when they designed Download.Com. They through a ton of navigational links, a search box, copyright notices, a CNet logo, and a jump box for the CNet Network….all into one footer.


Apple doesn’t seem to know what a footer is. They’ve blurred the lines between the footer and the content area. The include graphical links to news articles, links, copyright, and a jump menu into an amazing footer. Apple.com is an amazing site, different from most. The part above-the-fold is even cooler than the footer, of course.