15 Reasons MySpace is Dumb

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say this, but… MySpace is stupid! Why the heck are all these people using it? It doesn’t make sense. Why are movie companies setting up MySpace pages for movies instead of making a decent website? Here are, in no particular order, 15 reasons MySpace is garbage.

  1. It’s MySpace.
  2. You have to wait 5 minutes for every freakin’ page to load.
  3. There’s no content. All there is on MySpace is some stuff about a bunch of airheads you don’t know.
  4. MySpace users obviously aren’t designers. Nearly every page looks like…I don’t know what. Is the web slipping back into the early ’90s?
  5. Backgorund music. I though we were rid of that annoying web “feature”.
  6. Background images that render text unreadable.
  7. MySpace news. Reall, what was Fox thinking?
  8. It’s owned by Faux, er Fox, News.
  9. Tons of ads. They must be the most interesting part of the site.
  10. MySpace, and it’s parent company (Fox News), owns everything you write on it. That’s right. That’s got to suck for those bands that post music on MySpace…
  11. Stupid “friends lists”. What the heck? This concept makes no sense, and it’s usage makes even less sense.
  12. Nearly every link (even internal ones) opens in a new window.
  13. MySpace has been the distributor of a surprising amountof spyware.
  14. You can now buy MySpace Sucks T-Shirts.
  15. Just Google “MySpace Sucks”. You get 2,720,000 results.

I don’t have a MySpace account and I never will. If you have an IQ level over 6, then you shouldn’t either.