Digg vs. Reddit

Okay, is Digg digging it’s grave? I’ve been a Digg user for a while, but lately I’ve been moving towardd Reddit a bit. Digg seems to have too many shortcomings to be worth it. Let’s compare them.


  • Great design (+1).
  • Easy to use (+1).
  • Innovator in the field (+1).
  • Bigger userbase (+1).
  • The system just feels right (+1).
  • Annoying immature users (-1).
  • Flawed voting system gives senior users more control (-1).
  • Stupid mandatory categories make it hard to post things in the right place (-1).
  • Tons of stupid stuff gets dugg to the top, while the more important stuff has a tendancy to be burried into oblivion (-1).


  • Design isn’t…right (-1).
  • A little less user-friendly than digg (-1).
  • The average user seems more intelligent (+1).
  • Less stupid stuff is posted (+1).
  • Great code of conduct makes the site less out-of-hand (+1).
  • Reddit tries to find the sort of thing you like, potentially improving the whole “Digg-concept” by a lot (+1).
  • The developers seem to care more about the site doing what it should…instead of having it be “fun” (+1).

TOTALS: Digg=1, Reddit=3

Okay, this scheme of rating may not be totally accurate, but it does point out some important flaws. Seriously, I think Reddit is showing promise, and I’m starting to move over from Digg. I’ll probably continue to use both, but I’ll focuse on Reddit more. I don’t want stupid pictures of motorized rollerblades (yes, that did show up once), I want the best of the blogosphere. By “the best of the blogosphere”, I mean blogs like Engadget, not “what I had for lunch today blogs”.

Reddit is not without it’s flaws. I’m not a big fan of some aspects of it’s design (I prefer a dedicated “Digg Page” to a top-frame thing like Reddit has, and the buttons they have for blogs need more work. I like Digg better in those aspects, but Reddit is improving. Anything to escape a lot of the garbage cluttering-up Digg.