Reliable Image Hosting? Forget It!

You’ve used Imageshack before, haven’t you? You probably have images you want to post on a blog or forum all the time. It’s a great concept though, predictably, it hasn’t worked out well.

Have you noticed how sluggish Imageshack has become? On my 800k-1mb connection, Imageshack usually takes three minutes to load. Then it takes an exhorbitant amount of time to upload my image. To top that all off, the uploaded images load slowly when you hotlink them. Seems as if they need to drop some cash on new servers.

There are alternatives, like TinyPic, though they have some annoyances as well. Tinypic is lightning-fast, but they have two useful features missing. One, TinyPic needs a transloader function like Imageshack’s. Two, TinyPic needs to offer a field with just the image URL. They give you the preformatted garbage that you have to re-edit. If i’m using the image on my blog, I just need the URL, not BBCode or their prefab HTML.

There aren’t many good image hosts out there. We need more. We need good ones. Imageshack/Tinypic are neccessary evils (got to combat that Digg effect :) ) for now.