We Need More Digg Alternatives

We need more alternatives to Digg.com. Digg is a great idea, but it’s gone awry. I’d like to see more sites that offer similar functions (in a similarly user-friendly site), but without the problems of Digg?

What problems? For starters, Digg is filled with stupid stuff (”funny” pictures, stupid YouTube videos, and other things that are only there because someone consideres it funny). I don’t neccessarily want funny. I want to find things online that are interesting/useful/etc. I want tech news, interesting blog posts, php tutorials (or other tutorials too). I don’t want “funny” rubbish. (That was Problem #1, by the way.)

Problem #2: The front page is ruled by twenty-five or so people who are Digg “Poer Users. If they digg something, it moves waaaay up. If they bury something, it stays buried.

Problem #3: The users are irritating. If you post something on Digg, people can comment on the post on Digg.com. The users tend to bash, complain about people digging a blog instead of what they consider “the original source”, complain about people digging their own blog, etc. They can be pretty darn sarcastic at times as well. Then, some of them go so far as to do the above on the comments of your blog, not just on the Digg page. If they don’t like it, they can just not Digg it. If they don’t have something useful to say (like a legitimate complaint/comment), they shouldn’t bother saying anything.

There’s more than just those issues as well. Do I really need to say more? There are actually a couple PHP packages out there that lets you build a Digg-like site. One is the Pligg CMS, ad the other is DiggClone. You can find either by Googling them.

I’d like a Digg alternative that has heavier rules on what you can post, a better ranking algorithm, more categories, and moderators. I’d like a site that helps you find new blogs, news, and tutorials without all the side effects of Digg.

This is the era of Web 2.0. It will happen eventually (whether it’s Digg fixing their problems, or someone starting a new site).