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Fun Online Games

Bored? Online games are a great way to pass time and have fun. Not to mention the fact that they’re free. Free is good, right? Here are some games and gaming repositories that offer free online games you may like.


Places to Find Games

There are others of course, but this list should keep you busy for a while.

Yahoo Widgets 4 Worth The Upgrade?

I just upgraded my copy of Yahoo Widgets to the new 4.0 build released recently. I’m not sure if it was a good idea. It probably wasn’t, unless Yahoo releases a patch soon.

Okay, I hate that new sidebar-dock-thing  they added. It just irritates the heck out of me, and provides no useful improvements.

What keeps happening to my widgets?! As soon as I upgraded, they all vanished. I managed to restore all the ones I needed after 30 minutes of using that annoying sidebar-dock-thing. Today, all but 3 are gone again! What’s going on? Is this a bug?

I want my widgets to work again correctly, and I want a way to permanently disable the stupid sidebar-dock without compromising any functionality. I’m going to go see if there’s a way to un-upgrade.

Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick

This movie’s been around for awhile now. It was originally made by Lego, right before the third Star Wars movie came out. Using CG animation, they simulated Lego bricks and minifigures (only they can somehow move more realistically then legos….).

My favorite part is the credit roll, where Darth Vader conducts an orchestra of Stormtroopers with his lightsaber (they’re playing the Imperial March).

Even if you don’t really care for Legos much, you’ll probably find it funny. On a similar note, even if you don’t care for Legos much, you’ll probably like the Lego Star Wars videogame.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End

May 25th! Only a few more weeks until the release of the third Pirates of the Caribbean film, At World’s End. Yahoo has an exclusive trailer up now along with a clip from the movie, “Competing Captains”. Judging by these videos, the movie looks a lot better than it’s predecessor (Dead Man’s Chest).

Why NOT to go BluRay (or HD DVD)

I’ll say it right up front: Don’t bother with BluRay or HD DVD. Why not? Here are some reasons:

  • Who wants to pay $50 per disc?
  • Who wants to pay $1000 for a player?
  • Who wants to pay $5000 for a compatible HD TV?
  • DRM infuriates you and does nothing against piracy.
  • You need Vista to play either format on your PC (plus a compatible drive)
  • You need a new monitor to play it on your PC due to stupid DRM.

Enough reason for you? If not, read the latest PC Magazine (and run some web searches). I’ll stick with standard definition TV until it’s unsupported. After that, who cares? If they won’t work on whatever computer I have then, I’ll stick to YouTube.

11 Cool Web Headers

Some say that the most important part of a website (aside from the content) is the header. Users see the header first, and it’s a big part of their first impression of a site. Here are some good examples of headers for inspiration.

8 Reasons I Wouldn’t Want to Work At Microsoft

In no particular order, here are 8 reasons I wouldn’t want to work at Microsoft:

  1. I don’t like working 26 hours a day.
  2. I’d rather give people jobs.
  3. Uh, it’s Microsoft.
  4. It must be hard to get any work done with emails from Bill Gates every hour saying “work harder”.
  5. Would you want to work at a company everyone can’t stand?
  6. There’s a 0.00003% chance that they don’t confiscate iPods and MacBooks.
  7. I wouldn’t use Vista unless you paid me, so I’d obviously want a huge salary (think seven figures) to actually work for the company that made it.
  8. I’d prefer to avoid spending a small fortune on Jolt Gum and coffee.

PotterCast 80: HP5 Spoilers!

PotterCast 80, had a big interview (spanning most of the episode) with someone who has seen a test screening of the fifth Harry Potter film. You read that right, Warner Brothers did a semi-secret test screening recently (read about it here). In the podcast episode you get tons of info about tons of parts of the movie. It’s great! If you’re a Potter fan (and you don’t mind hearing about all this ahead of time), you should definitely listen to the episode (about an hour long).

Kill Forum & Comment Spam

What else can be done about Forum-Spam? It’s become increasingly prolific in the past year or so. It drives me, and other webmasters, insane. I consider it worse than your everyday email-based spam. Then there’s the ever-popular comment spam that fills your blog comments with junk.

Captcha codes help with the comment spam, but they infuriate forum users. There are tons of methods being used to combat “webspam” (as I call the general group on non-email spam), but they are being countered just as quickly. Captchas are defeated with image-reading robots, complex forum signups by manual spamming by a real person. Something needs to be done.

Captchas are defeated with image-reading robots, complex forum signups by manual spamming by a real person.

What, though? So far, outsmarting the spammers technologically has only worked for short periods of time. Governmental rulings have made it easier and more legal for the spammers. Even with decent prohibiting spam internationally, the spammers wouldn’t care. Someone needs to come up with more high-tech spam-fighting methods! The ultimate anti-spam system would stop all spam (obviously) and not irritate a site’s users.

So far, outsmarting the spammers technologically has only worked for short periods of time. Governmental rulings have made it easier and more legal for the spammers.

I don’t really care about the email-based spam people keep going on about. My personal GMail account gets about 3 spam messages per day (my domain email system fluctuates. Sometimes it’s 6/day, other times it’s once a week). It’s the webspam that needs to be dealt with.

Note: This article is about Spam (internet junk-mail). I have no problem with SPAM, the tasty(?) meat product made by Hormel.


Here’s why Linux and the Mac OS haven’t surpassed Windows yet. As a Digg user said: “This is the same type of person that thinks Internet Explorer is the Internet!”

This guy is clueless. He did an earlier post too.

Sounds like this guy knows little about computers, believes Microsoft marketting fluff, and pretends he knows more about computers than everyone else.


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