Why NOT to go BluRay (or HD DVD)

I’ll say it right up front: Don’t bother with BluRay or HD DVD. Why not? Here are some reasons:

  • Who wants to pay $50 per disc?
  • Who wants to pay $1000 for a player?
  • Who wants to pay $5000 for a compatible HD TV?
  • DRM infuriates you and does nothing against piracy.
  • You need Vista to play either format on your PC (plus a compatible drive)
  • You need a new monitor to play it on your PC due to stupid DRM.

Enough reason for you? If not, read the latest PC Magazine (and run some web searches). I’ll stick with standard definition TV until it’s unsupported. After that, who cares? If they won’t work on whatever computer I have then, I’ll stick to YouTube.