Good Free Hosting (not Geocities!)

Is it really possible to get free web hosting without looking unprofessional? Yes! You can actually find a web host with the following:

  • 200MB (or more) of storage
  • 5GB (or more) bandwidth
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • cPanel
  • NO ADS
  • etc

How can Geocities get away with giving you that horrible package full of annoying ads? They market the heck out of their service, and assume you won’t know what else you can get. Even their paid hosting is way overpriced (check out 1and1).

You can run a website for only $7/year if you try hard enough. Buy a domain name from for $7/yr and grab some free hosting (1and1 also has some nice bargain-priced hosting in the $3/mo range that surpasses the quality of most free hosts).

Where can you get good free hosting? Here are a few places to check out.

There are also a few free hosting directories where you can find more.

Give free hosting a try. It’s great for running small to medium sites/blogs. If you outgrow it you can always move to a cheap paid host. I’ve successfuly run websites off free hosting (until the sites outgrew the hosts). No one guessed that I wasn’t on a paid host (though the frequent downtimes on one of then could’ve tipped people off).