Shorten URLs With Shorty

You’ve seen URLs like before, right? Now if you wanted to mention that during a podcast (or email, or something) you’d sound really stupid trying to read out that long address. Not to mention people won’t be able to remember it (writing it down could be hard too). The solution? A URL shortener. You’ve probably seen ones like before. They spit out a cryptic (but short) URL like There’s a better alternative, though. Those of you who do podcasts, or other sites where short URLs are necessary.

Shorty is a PHP/MySQL-based script that allows you to run your own URL shortener on your domain. You can easily turn URLs like into Magazines like PCWorld do this all the time to save space in their magazines. If you read PCWorld you’ll often see addresses that look like (or something like that). Shorty allows you to do the same. It’s really useful in podcasts (as I’ve already said twice).

Shorty can generate URLs that identify the target site with an alphanumeric code, a custom string of text (my favorite), or a couple other options. Another bonus is not relying on tinyurl’s servers (if they go down, so does your redirection).

Hey, it’s free. If you don’t like it, delete it.


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