Stop Imprisoning Site Users!

People need to stop trying to keep users on their sites. Take a look at, Netscape’s new “Digg Clone”. Those two sites are especially bad. If you click an outbound link, it opens up with a frame floating up at the top. They’re obviously trying to get people to stay on the site (and make more $$$ of their ads). Okay, if I want to stay on the site, I’ll open the new page in a different tab with a click of that handy middle-mouse-button. And don’t forget all those sites (literally millions of ‘em) that open outbound links in a new windows (aaarg!). I don’t mind it as much now that I set Firefox to open new windows in new tabs instead, but I still prefer to be the one making the decision, not some webmaster who thinks their site is the best one on the web. [admit it, this one is. :-)] It’s a useless effort to try to keep your users from leaving. If they want to leave, they will. Your annoying schemes will only irritate them and help them decide not to come back. With the invention of tabbed-browsing, it’s insanely easy to manage multiple pages and keep the previous site open if you wish. It’s time to abandon old practices and let the users decide.