Lego Star Wars

You wouldn’t think that a game called Lego Star Wars would sell 3.8 million units, right? Well it did, and Lego made a more recent sequel for episodes 4, 5, and 6 too. I’m not joking, the game is actually fun. In Lego Star wars you control Lego people (especially Jedi) and go around playing through the Star Wars episodes. You can pull off several attack combos and deflect blaster bolts with your lightsaber. To unlock things in game you have to collect Lego pieces that you trade for more characters, cheats, and other stuff in between levels. If all four of your lives are lost you’re character falls apart in a pile of lego parts, dropping 2000 legos. Your character appears right where it was. It’s virtually impossible to NOT beat a level, but it’s not easy to totally beat the game. The game is totally funny, especially the cutscenes between levels. The game has a bit of a Lego feel, but it’s got enough realism to make it playable. If you like Star Wars (without being a totally obsessed maniac) you’d probably like the game.