PCWORLD: The Most Annoying Things About Vista

PC World’s got a new page up on their website. It’s called “The Most Annoying Things About Vista“. Hehe. I agree with it totally. I especially like the part about Vista Home Edition. They, correctly, say that it has no reason to exist other than to let Microsoft say “Vista costs as low as $100″. They unfortunately didn’t mention the Vista EULA (End User License Agreement) which states that you must use the really exensive (think $499) version of Vista (Ultimate Edition) if you want to use it on a Mac in combination with Parallels Desktop or VMWare’s emulator. Basically they’re making you pay more because you’re not using it as often as they want. Going back to the subject of Vista Home Edition, it’s a much better deal to just use Windows XP if your computer can’t run one of the “greater” versions of Vista. I’m not going to get Vista. Period. I’d rather get a Mac next time.