Do you rent movies frequently? Then stop going to Blockbuster! For about $6/month, Netflix (, will send you movies through standard US mail one at a time. When you finish one, you send it back in a postage-paid envelope and you’ll receive a new one immediately after. After using it for a few months, I’d say it’s a great service. Currently my family gets about 1-2 movies per week using the $6/mo plan. The only problems we’ve had so far are national holidays (no mail. aaargh!) and cases were the movie had to be shipped from a distribution facility in another state. The selection of movies is quite large (waaaay more than any Blockbuster store). To choose what movies you want you browse through their database, choosing movies, then you set them in the order you’d prefer. If all copies of a movie (within reasonable distance) are out (there can be waiting lists too), Netflix will skip the movie and give you the next one, coming back to the other film when it’s available. I could go on about Netflix for a while longer, but I have to go. I highly recommend Netflix (the discs are scrathed less than Blockbusters too!), and I believe (not sure) they have trial periods if your not sure you want the service.