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Apple Sued Over iPhone

It didn’t take long for Apple to be sued over the iPhone. They announced it Tuesday and already, Cisco is suing them. It turns out Cisco has owned the trademark since 1998, and Apple has been negotiating with them for 2 years. Apple is confident that they will win if it actually goes to court. Allegedly Apple is the first to actually use the name iPhone for a cellphone. Cisco has been using it for a VOIP-related router. Some other companies have used the name for other products as well. You can read more at

Bad Move, WB

Warner Brothers is discontinuing the first four Harry Potter DVDs. You will no longer be able to buy them in stores buy the end of the month. They’re replacing them with BluRay/HDDVD hybrid discs. These require special players costing over $900 in addition to a Hi-Def TV. What about those of us who don’t want to spend money on more equipment for watching stupid televised &%^@? This was a stupid move on their part. You can buy them here while they last. I, and most likely others, can’t afford and/or don’t want Hi-Def equipment. Bad move, WB.

Apple — Welcome to 2007

Apple has started 2007 off with a bang - raising their stock in the process. Today they revealed the Apple TV (formerly codenamed as iTV), as well as the iPhone. The iTV is a sort of router thing to make your computer totally take over your living room when it comes to multimedia ( if you want more on that).

The real big announcement was the iPhone, though. This revolutionary gadget is more than just a phone. It’s not a smart-phone, it’s a genius-phone. There are no buttons, just a touch-sensitive color display. You can make calls, browse the web, listen to music, play videos, check email, etc. This amazing gadget can do way more than that. It’s almost (not quite) like having a Mac in the palm of your hand. Take a look at you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be seeing a lot of these once they come out.

Attention Fanfic Writers

Who here writes Harry Potter fanfiction? Have you seen the user-submitted theories on The Site of Requirement? Well, you’ll be able to do the same sort of thing with fanfic shortly. We’re working on ironing out a few bugs still. We hope to have the new features added by the 20th. So start writing some fanfiction!

Line Rider

I found Line Rider a few months ago on the Webmonkey MonkeyBites Blog. Line Rider is a flash game (or “toy” as the creator calls it) where you draw lines that form hills, ramps, jumps, loops, etc. Then you click play and watch the stick figure on the sled go through you track. Basically you try to keep him from crashing (or falling). It’s a LOT harder than it sounds… and it’s surprisingly addicting. You can play it for free at Guess what. This Spring a small gaming company will release Line Rider for — guess which console. The Nintendo Wii! Line Rider is fun for 7 year olds (like my younger brother) and adults too.

Apple’s Secret Plans For 2007

Yahoo! Apple’s doing it again! Take a look at now. “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.”? You know what that means. OS X 10.5 Tiger comes out very soon. Along with that Apple’s DEFINITELY got a bunch more tricks up their sleeve for this year. An iPhone (not that I care)? Better Windows App support (that I care about)? The future of mobile computing? The future of computing in general? Who knows what Apple has in store this year. It’s gonna be major, though. Next time your PC quits, buy a Mac (must have mac…).


Last night, the new year kind of sneaked up on me. I was working online and didn’t notice that it was past midnight. No fair, I’d finally gotten used to it being 2006. Happy New Year. I’ve finally got the latest part of Project Phoenix online. Go ahead and look for it if you want. And just so you know, the new Site of Requirement T-Shirts are coming soon.


403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden