Cheap (and good) MP3 Player

I just got a new MP3 player. A SanDisk Sansa m240. Go ahead and check the SanDisk website. $69.99? What’s cheap about that? It’s not, I ordered from Circuit City. Here’s what hap penned:

My previous MP3 player, the Philips Rush, wasn’t too bad. The player was rather annoying though. It would lock up now and then at the worst possible time. Sometimes it would not load new music or podcasts onto it. I’d drag them on, disconnect, turn it on, and…nothing. Sometimes it would just act weird and erratic.

Anyway, last Saturday I was looking around online at MP3 players and came accross the Sansa at Guess the price tag. Come on, guess. It was $39.99. You read that right, it was only one cent off from $40.

That was after a rebate and stuff, but still. The Circuit City location nearest was out of stock, so I had to order from one that was an hour away. It turns out they had just run out and were ordering more, so I couldn’t pick it up until yesterday.

The Sansa is pretty good. It’s menu system vaguely resembles the iPod, since you can drill down through menus to sort the music how you want. My old Rush could only play everything random or strait through. The Rush was $90 two years ago. The Sansa has 1GB of flash memory, while the Rush has 128MB internal ans a SD card slot. Sure you can put more memory cards in the Rush, but the Sansa seems to work a lot better.