SMF - Simple Machines Forum

SMF, also known as Simple Machines Forum, is, in my opinion, the best free forum software available. It’s based somewhat off the old YABB SE code, which was purchased three years ago and turned into SMF. I can’t afford to buy licenses for Invision, VBulletin, or other paid forum systems. I’ve tried PHPBB, but I found it’s feature set lacking (and I think it’s less user-friendly). SMF is great though. To the right is a screenshot of The Forum of Requirement. Cool looking or what? The default SMF theme (skin) doesn’t look that good in my opinion, but there are plenty of others available off the SMF website (along with instructions for integrating SMF into you’re website’s layout). SMF has a nice feature set, the forums are easy to navigate and use. It’s pretty good. Installation was easy you can’t get much better than that. FTP, go to, tell the script what database you want to use (create it before installing), fill in a few other fields, hit go. I like SMF, and although it may not have as many features as Invision Power Board, you can’t beat the price.