Yahoo Widgets

Yahoo Widgets (formerly known as Konfabulator) is one pf the most useful programs I’ve ever found…and it’s FREE! Widgets can hover over your desktop or live in a cool “heads-up display” that you call up by tapping F8 on your keyboard. Widgets are little XML and JavaScript mini-programs that do all sorts of useful things. The Yahoo Widgets website has a big gallery of downloadable widgets. I have a ton of widgets installed. Some examples are:

  • A widget that checks my earnings in AdSense
  • Widgets that read RSS News for several sites
  • A widget that checks my gMail account
  • A google search widget
  • And a lot more

Widgets are really useful and kind of cool. The Mac OS has a Widget system built in, but seeing as I don’t have a Mac, I use Yahoo Widgets. I use the widgets a lot. It’s a lot easier to push F8 and look at a widget to see if I have new email than to go all the way to, sign in, see if I have mail, then log out. Widgets are useful, try them out. They’re cool, and free.