So, have you ever wanted to create cool 3D computer-generated landscapes easily? For free? Planetside created a free program known as Terragen. I recommend reading the helpdocs before doing much with it though. Terragen is available for both Windows and Macintosh. I created those images to the right using Terragen. I’ve been playing with Terragen for about a year now, but not very frequently. Terragen can be a little confusing at times, but the end result is spectacular. Try it out, it’s free. It can do a wide array of effects. You have absolute control over a lot of things like water, the sun, the land formations, clouds, etc. I haven’t figured out how to do grass yet, though. Be sure to save often as one setting change could screw up all your previous work… especially if you didn’t pay attention to the previous setting. It crashes sometimes too, so save often. Try it out. As I said before, the price is $0.00. Can’t beat that!