Cool Full-Page Screencaps + HP Site Comparision

Ever wanted to take screenshots of websites that show the whole page instead of just the part visible onscreen at once? You could take 27 screenshots and stich them together in Photoshop…. Or you could use the Firefox extension known as “Screen Grab!”. What’s the extension do? It does all the capturing and stitching for you and saves it to the location of your choice. Unfortunately it’s not yet compatible with Firefox 2.0. It will probably be soon, though.

What use is the tool, though? Click the image to see a bigger version. I made this large image that allows you to compare 3 Harry Potter sites at once. Notice how similar they are? You can see exactly how much one site looks like another. Cool? The Site of Requirement doesn’t look that much like The Leaky Cauldron, does it? What do you think?