AwardSpace - Great Free Web Hosting

First, you should know that I generally believe Awardspace is the best free we host out there. They have no ads, 200MB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth, PHP, MYSQL, and a lot of other good stuff. They’ve been hosting The Site of Requirement for about a year now (SR is older htan that, but we’ve been on the host for a little under a year). Everything is generally great, but The Site of Requirement is outgrowing them. They only offer 1 MySQL database and we need more, for example. There are some unexplained downtimes every few months, too that I’d preffer not to have. One thing I really don’t like is their content filters. You can’t mention EBay, Amazon, or several other sites if you want your page to display. I tried to post a news article about a book JKR put on EBay, but the site would be innaccessible until I removed it. I really like Awardspace generally, but The Site of Requirement is outgrowing it. We may move to a paid host in the next few months. We’re staying where we are for now though.