I’ve Stopped Updating This Blog, But I May Start Another

I started this personal blog back in 2006, and I wrote on it up until July 2007. I used to write here nearly every day, but by the summer I didn’t have enough time. I started a new blog about web stuff over at Webmaster-Source.com, so I had less to write about here. Also, I was launching NTugo.com, which featured a collection of would-be multi-author blogs (except I still have a lack of authors). So I was short of time, and things to write about.

That said, I’ve been wishing I still had a personal blog lately. I’m probably going to start another one so I can rant occasionally, or talk about things that don’t fit the topics of my other sites. I’ll probably put it up at matt.ntugo.com. Of course, I’m leaving this blog’s archives here for anyone who wants to read them. (I can’t stand throwing away things I spent time writing.)

If you want to continue reading my posts, here’s where you can find my writings:

  • Webmaster-Source - For those who are bloggers or webmasters.
  • matt.ntugo.com - I’ll soon be putting-up a personal blog there.
  • NTugo Blogs - I also do some writing on these blogs. If you would like to as well, let me know.

I also use StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit if you like those sort of sites.

Weekly WTH: July 3, 2007

Google’s Next Stop $600 a Share?: One site to rule them all.

Sprint’s Not Afraid of the iPhone: Yeah, right. “We also have PDA phones that are MP3 players if you want to combine lots of features.” ?

Austrailian ISP Deletes Media Files Nightly: Nice. How long until we see the headline “New version of Windows Deletes Media Files Nightly”?

This Guy Got Eleven Broken XBox 360s Before One Worked: One actually exploded? Okay, don’t keep your Zune in your pocket…

Weekly WTH: June 26, 2007

Microsoft Kills Unofficial Project: So….Microsoft really does want us to be stuck with a bad operating system. I knew it!

iPhone Bets: You’ve just got to laught at the last one. “iPhone spontaneously combusts”?

Sony PSPs being Sold For Over One Grand Each: WTH?

Microsoft Kills “Longhorn Reloaded”

As you already know, Windows Vista (bleh!) was once codenamed “Longhorn”. Along the way from the start of the project to the release, several features were cut from Vista. Essentially, anything that made it something other than “Windoex XP with a new UI and a couple security ‘fixes’”.

Some of Vista’s programmers, unhappy with the sorry state of Vista, started an unauthorized project dubbed “Longhorn Reloaded”. Their goal? They wanted to build the OS Vista should have been. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft just sent them a Cease and Desist.

How dumb are those people at Microsoft? They give us the Worst OS on the Planet™, and expect us to buy it. Are they determined to make the future of computing worse than the present?

Apple is our king. Make your next computer a Mac.

6 Ways to Destroy a CD-R Permanently

Need to permanently destroy a CD-R? Here aresome ways you could go about it:

  1. Simply snap it into quarters
  2. Microwave it
  3. Bake it in the oven
  4. Drive over it
  5. Use it as a coaster
  6. Play Frisbee with your dog

Weekly WTH: June 19, 2007

Welcome to the Weekly What the Heck!

Book exec steals Google laptops to “teach lesson” about theft: Bad move, you do NOT want to annoy Google. Page rank of zero for Macmillan.com, anyone?

Email Senders Can Pay to Bypass [Spam] Filters: Too bad, DorkMail users (a.k.a. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail). Get a GMail account!

Wordpress Wins Webware 100 Award for Publishing Software: WOOT! Wordpress rules!

Bowling: 161 Average!

I’ve been bowling for five years. during the winter this year I was bowling in two leagues at once, three days a week. Currently, I’m bowling in a summer league…where I have a 161 average after two weeks. Before the bowling season ended, I had a 142 average. Hopefully I can stay in the 150s over the summer, and do even better once the bowling season starts again.

Weekly WTH: June 12, 2007

Welcome to the Weekly What the Heck.

ATI Downgrades It’s Tuners: The courts killed the “Broadcast Flag” two years ago. but guess what? It’s back from the dead.

Dreamhost Leaks 3,500 FTP Passwords: Maybe they should change their name to “NightmareHost”. You hear complaints/mishaps a little too often.

Extended Warranties on Dell’s Ubuntu Systems Returning: Now Linux users, too, can be protected from theoretic flying bricks.

Asus to Offer a $299 Laptop by August: “It runs circles around a Commodore 64″ could be their marketing campaign.

Safari For Windows Hacked in 2 Hours

Can you believe it? Apple released a beta of Safari for Windows (I knew it! They’re porting iLife to Windows.). Guess what. Someone found a security exploit in only two hours. Can you believe that? Oh well, it’s a beta after all.

McDonalds Doesn’t Like the Word “McJob”

You’ve proably heard of the word “McJob“. It basically means a rotten job, of the sort McDonalds offers. Well, McDonalds has been trying to have the definition changed. No luck. :)

Are they stupid or what? All they’re doing is drawing attention to themselves. It’s already on the top of the Digg front page, which means other media sources won’t be too far behind.

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